Osteopathy for athletes

The practice of a sport is essential but it can hurt ...

Contracture, sprain, muscle tear, local inflammation or chronic pain ... are sometimes the consequences of the regular or specific practice of a sport.

Any restriction or loss of mobility of the muscles, joints, or periarticular elements will alter your performance and health, especially if you leave things behind.

Your osteopath can only do you good!

When to consult ?

As a preventive

  • to do an osteopathic assessment
  • before starting a sports activity or a new season
  • to prepare a sporting event
  • before an occasional practice
  • to improve its performance
  • before going to a gym


The osteopath supports the pathologies related to intensive practice :

  • Tendinitis, bursitis, tenosynovitis
  • Joint pain (tennis elbow, golf elbow, femoro-patellar or femoro-tibial syndrome)
  • Vertebral pain
  • Nerve pain (sciatica, cruralgia, NCB, pain in the upper limbs)
  • The pubalgies

But also traumas:

• Sprains and spraining sequelae

• Torticollis

• The lumbago

• The immobilization sequences, the consequences of a surgical intervention

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